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Disability Access Certificate Service

A Disability Access Certificate is a certificate granted by a Building Control Authority which certifies compliance of the design of certain works except dwelling houses with the requirements of Part M of the Building Control Regulations

Where a Fire Safety Certificate is required for any works, a Disability Access Certificate is also required

A building shall not be opened, operated or occupied unless a Disability Access Certificate has been granted on the building.

It can take up to 8 weeks for a decision to be made on a Disability Access Certificate, or may take longer if it's agreed with the applicant and the Building Control Authority.

The application cost to the building authority is €800 per building. he fee is reduced to €500 where the application is made prior to commencement and coincides with an application for a fire safety certificate. Please note this is the application cost only and does not include consultancy fees.

The Local Government Management Agency has published an excellent sample based approach to making a DAC application.  The guide includes information on

  • the regulations and outlining works for which a DAC is required,
  • drawing guides and checklists for new projects and existing buildings
  • Sample accessibility Symbols Key for your drawings
  • An example of a technical report and drawings for a new single storey building prepared by the OPW.

Our partner team of Fire Consultants and Engineers comply with all relevant legislative requirements and prepare the Disability Access Certificate on your behalf.

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