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Fire Safety Certificate Service

Our partner team of Fire Consultants and Engineers are experts when it comes to Fire Safety Certificates.

A Fire Safety Certificate is a certificate issued by the Building Control Authority which states that the works or building to which the application relates will, if constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted, comply with the requirements of Part B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997.

The following developments require a Fire Safety Certificate;

  • Works in connection with the design and construction of a new building
  • Works in connection with the material alteration of:
    1. A day centre
    2. A building containing a flat
    3. A hotel, hostel or guest building
    4. An institutional building
    5. A place of assembly
    6. A shopping centre
  • Works in connection with the material alteration of a shop, office or industrial building where additional floor area is being provided within the existing building or where the building is being sub divided into a number of units for separate occupancy.
  • Works in connection with the extension of a building by more than 25 square metres
  • A building as regards which a material change of use takes place.

The application is required to demonstrate that the development complies with Part B of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations. One way to achieve this is to systematically address each relevant area of the particular Codes and Guidance documents which are being used in the fire safety design of the building.

A Fire Safety Certificate application should be made by a competent Fire Safety Consultant or in some cases another competent person who is familiar with the Building Regulations and the procedure for applying for a Fire Safety Certificate.

Our team are available to assist you throughout this sometimes daunting process.

The application fee is €2.90 per square meter floor area (for the part of the building which the Fire Safety Certificate Application relates to). The minimum fee is €125 and the maximum fee is €12500 regardless of floor area. Please note this is the application fee to the building authority only and does not include consultancy fees.

Works shall not commence unless the Fire Safety Certificate has been issued. If work has commenced then a Fire Regularisation Certificate will most likely be required. A Fire Regularisation Certificate process is vastly more expensive and generally more complex due to the fact that the regulatory requirements in terms of applying for a fire certificate at the correct stage have not been met.

Where a Fire Safety Certificate is required for any works, a Disability Access Certificate is also required.

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