Fire Consultant/ Engineer Information

Who is a Fire Consultant / Engineer?

A Fire Consultant / Engineer is a suitably qualified and competent person to advise on fire safety related matter. They should have a degree level qualification in fire safety as a minimum and ideally be a member of an appropriate fire body such as the Institution of Fire Engineers.

What type of work does a Fire Consultant / Engineer undertake?

The type of work that a Fire Consultant / Engineer undertakes varies but can include.

Fire Safety Surveys.

Fire Audits

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Inspections

Fire Safety Training.

What type of insurance should a Fire Safety Consultant / Engineer have?

A competent Insurance broker can guide a Fire Safety Consultant /Engineer but generally the following apply.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Employer Liability Insurance.

What experience should a Fire Safety Consultant / Engineer have?

A Fire Safety En should have experience in your particular industry,

There are some Health and Safety Consultants / Advisors who just operate in a particular sector such as the corporate or construction sector to take some examples. Some Health and Safety Consultants / Advisors operate in multiple sectors.

Where can I find a Fire Safety Consultant / Engineer.

We have a competent team of Fire Safety Consultants / Engineers available.

To help us assist you, please provide the following information and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • Name of fire consultancy service you are interested in.
  • Location of your premises
  • Size of premises
  • Description of premises including any specific hazards.
  • Reason for fire consultancy.
  • State if received any enforcement notice, action of guidelines from the fire service, local authority or other body or organisation.