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Information on our Fire Evacuation Floor Plans Service

Getting people whether they be employees or visitors out of your building during an emergency evacuation quickly and safely is essential. A smooth evacuation will save lives and go some way towards protecting your hard-earned reputation. It is of critical importance that you have the upmost faith and trust in your fire evacuation floor plans. These plans are a critical part of keeping your workforce and your business safe.

But evacuation routes need to be well planned, simple to follow and meet the exacting levels of current legislation. The type, complexity and design of the building, the location of safe refuge, travel distances, location of emergency lighting, where exit signs are in place, the location of any 1st Aid kits and stations, the number and location of fire extinguishers, the number, location and adequacy of smoke alarms and fire assembly points are just a few of the myriad of elements that must be considered and examined before the creation of fire evacuation floor plans.

ADSC Limited established since 2005, has been creating, developing and providing fire evacuation floor plans for small, medium and large businesses and organisations, in Dublin city and county as well as on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland.

Using a combination of floor plans and site visits, our highly experienced team of Fire Safety Consultants, all members of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), quickly and efficiently develop, using our own CAD model, the most effective evacuation routes for your staff and visitors. These routes will be based on the fire ratings attributed to the walls, floors, ceilings within the workplace as well as reference to the structure of the building itself.

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal covering the development of fire evacuation floor plans for your organisation.

Fire Evacuation Floor Plan Information

What is a Fire Evacuation Floor Plan?

A Fire Evacuation Floor Plan shows the possible evacuation routes in the building. It is colour coded and uses arrows to indicate the designated exit. It also includes other fire information such as fire alarm call points, fire extinguisher points and designated assembly points.

Are Fire Evacuation Floor Plans a legal requirement?

Fire Evacuation Floor Plans can help a person in charge of a premises manage the building from a fire safety perspective and thus comply with the requirements of the Fire Services Act 1981 -2003 and Section 11 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act in terms of emergency planning. Serious consideration should be given to Fire Evacuation Floor Plans particularly in large buildings.

Where should Fire Evacuation Floor Plans be?

Fire Evacuation Floor Plans can be placed on the rear of doors, also in visible locations such as main lobbies, reception areas etc.

Who can help with a Fire Evacuation Floor Plan?

We at ADSC Ireland have vast experience developing Fire Evacuation Floor Plans and would be delighted to provide a quote. To enable us provide you with a quote please provide the following information.

  • Location of your premises
  • Size of premises
  • Description of premises including any specific hazards.
  • Number of employees
  • Provide a copy of floor plans either in CAD or PDF.
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