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Basic Fire Training Course Ireland

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We provide basic fire training courses for small, medium and large businesses and organisations on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland

Our basic fire training course includes an overview of current fire safety legislation, proper procedures when handling flammable material, what to do if a fire breaks out, raising the alarm, the proper use of fire extinguishers, and good housekeeping practices.

Ninety percent of fires in Irish workplaces can be attributed to human errors. Bearing in mind that a single candle flame typically burns at around 1000 degrees Celsius, fire needs just three elements to exist: oxygen, heat and fuel elements that are common in most workplaces.

Fuel is anything that will burn when exposed to heat. It can be a solid, liquid or gas and include such materials as paper, wood, oil, grease, chemicals, and flammable liquids. Flammable liquids are used so often in todays work environment that we often taken these for granted. Liquids, themselves, do not burn, but they form vapuors that do burn.

The leading heat sources that could cause these fuel sources to burn include electricity, cigarettes, cutting and welding, sparks from tools, and friction.  The risk of a fire can be prevented or at least very much reduced, through an awareness of the hazards and safe work practices.

Our Basic Fire Training Course is run by our highly experienced team of Fire Safety Consultants and Trainers who are operational Fire Fighters or Fire Safety Engineers.

Our Basic Fire Training Course is approximately 2 hours in duration.

12 persons can attend each Basic Fire Training Course and a certificate is issued on completion.

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Basic Fire Training Course