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Information on our Fire Safety Audit Service

Andrew Doyle Safety Consultants Limited (ADSC) provides Fire Safety audits for small, medium and large businesses and organisations on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland. We offer our tailored services using qualified fire specialists all members of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), thereby ensuring the highest levels of professionalism and affordability.

Section 18(2) of the Fire Services Act, 1981 & 2003 sets out the duties of the employer in ensuring that his or her workplace is safe. The act specifically states that “It shall be the duty of every person having control over premises to which this section applies to –

(a) take all reasonable measures to guard against the outbreak of fire on such premises, (b) provide reasonable fire safety measures for such premises and prepare and provide appropriate fire safety procedures for ensuring the safety of persons on such premises, (c) ensure that the fire safety measures and procedures referred to in paragraph (b) are applied at all times, and (d) ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of persons on the premises in the event of an outbreak of fire whether such outbreak has occurred or not.”

Conducting a fire safety audit which is an examination of your workplace and the relevant documents, will determine if your premises is meeting the standards as laid down by the Fire Services Act, 1981 & 2003, in addition to other appropriate statutory legislation and requirements.

The ADSC audit, which entails a site visit, includes an examination of the existing fire safety management, the adequacy of current fire prevention, levels of electrical safety throughout the premises, means of escape, service records for extinguishers and other fire-fighting appliances, fire detection and alarm systems, the number of fire wardens and their level of training along with the regularity of, and outcome of drills. Our Fire Audit report details the findings of the Fire Audit and further action required.

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal concerning fire safety audits for your organisation.

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