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Fire drills regularly get a bad press. Too often these drills disrupt the working day, occur at the most inconvenient of times usually when many employees are just too busy to take part, and can frequently be seen as a general nuisance to the efficient running of a business. However, the truth is that fire drills are an essential and effective way of ensuring that your companies fire management and other safety system are working effectively in keeping your employees and visitor safe, alive and well.

Effective Fire Drill Training

Effective fire drills allow the management to test their fire protection systems in a safe environment, ensuring all employees and visitors can evacuate the building should the need arise, in a safe and time-efficient manner.

Fire Drill Training Legislation

Indeed, Section 37 of the 1981 Fire Services Act requires ;the holding of fire safety evacuation drills at specified intervals and the keeping of records of such drills;, while the 2005 Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act as Section 11 of the Act states that employers are required to prepare and revise adequate emergency plans and procedures.

We strongly recommend that such fire drills be carried out at least twice per year and that the records of such drills be logged in the companies fire register. Businesses which operate shift / night working need to make special provision for the shift /night workers to ensure all employees take part in drills.

Our Fire Drill Training Information

We provide fire drill training courses for small, medium and large businesses and organisations on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland.

This Fire Drill Training Course is approximately 2 hours in duration and provides attendees with basic awareness in terms of what constitutes an effective fire drill, creating such fire drills, analysing the outcomes of these drills, developing solutions to the lessons learned from such drills, and offering a platform to allow further relevant development and enhancement thus providing those attending with the confidence and skills to conduct future drills.

The course tutors are highly experienced fire consultants and trainers with many years of service in the fire safety industry.

Those who attend and successfully complete the course will be awarded the will receive a Fire Drill Training certificate,

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal concerning Fire Drill Training for your organisation.

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We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal concerning your fire training requirements.

Fire Drill Training