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Effective fire drills are an essential element of any fire management system. The drills should be designed and tested to ensure that all employees and visitors can safely, quickly and efficiently evacuate a building where and when an emergency arises. Fire Drills should typically be run twice a year and special measures should be incorporated into your drills where shift workers are employed.

Andrew Doyle Safety Consultants Limited (ADSC) established since 2005, has been creating, developing and providing fire drill scenarios for small, medium and large businesses and organisations, in Dublin city and county as well as on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland.

Starting out with a blank page each fire drill scenario is designed to identify any weakness in your current evacuation methodology and offer solutions to rectify these shortcomings. The drill can also be used as part of any induction process ensuring that new staff are quickly brought up to to speed with your existing policies and procedures. The drill can be used to identify both positive and negative reactions of those members of staff who hold designated responsibilities such as fire warden and first aiders.

Our services include a full debriefing session with all stakeholders so any unexpected consequences or issues arising can be examined and dealt with in a satisfactory manner. A detailed report of this debriefing session containing relevant observations from participants and other interested parties will be forwarded to all you review if there are further actions to be taken and implemented.

Our fire drill scenarios are bespoke and each individual drill is developed by a member of our highly skilled team of Fire Safety Engineers and Consultants – all our team members are enrolled with the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE).

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal covering the development of fire drills for your organisation.

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