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We offer a full range of fire engineer consultancy services for small, medium and large businesses and organisations on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland.

Our wide range of Fire Engineer services include:

Fire Safety Audits

Our highly experienced fire audit team will ensure that your fire protection management system meets the regulations as laid out in current legislation, and offering clear, concise and timely advice where we feel improvements could be made. Our Fire Audits are undertaken by our Fire Risk Assessors.

Fire Risk Assessments

Our Fire risk Assessment model is used to garner an in-depth insight into those situations that if left unchecked could result in your business suffering the catastrophic effects of a fire. Our Fire Risk Assessments are undertaken by our Fire Risk Assessors.

Fire Safety Surveys / Inspections

Our Fire experts will complete a fire survey of your premises and produce an easily understandable a gap analysis report identifying any potential shortcomings. A survey or inspection normally relates to one particular area of concern.

Fire Safety Evacuation Plans

A fire evacuation plan is a critical element of any fire management system. The fire evacuation plan can assist the speedy but safe evacuation from your premises. Care must be paid in drawing up this plan that it does not end up impeding employees and visitors safe evacuation. Our team of fire specialists can assist you in all aspects of your bespoke fire evacuation plan.

Fire Procedure Development

Our fire consultants can visit your premises and if required, develop full fire procedures in conjunction with your key personnel, thus ensuring your organisation is both meeting and indeed exceeding current fire regulations

Specialist Fire Engineering Consultancy.

Whilst most of our work is undertaken by Fire Consultants we do have access to a specialist Fire Engineer who we can avail of for particular projects subject to availability.

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal concerning any aspect of our fire consultancy services to your organisation.

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