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Fire Prevention at Home Course

Duration of this Fire Safety Course: 1 hour.

This Fire Safety Course is suitable for persons in a home environment and covers home fire safety.

Fire Awareness Course

Duration of this Fire Safety Course:  2 hours

This Fire Awareness Course is designed for  employees at work and includes basic fire awareness principles within the workplace including the use of fire extinguishers and the various types and uses of same.

Fire Marshal / Fire Warden Course

Duration of this Fire Safety Course: 3.5 hours

The Fire Marshal / Warden course is for carefully selected members of staff who are dedicated Fire Marshals / Fire Wardens and will hold additional responsibility such as for premises evacuation in the event of a fire or other emergency. Additional emergency duties can also be allocated to Fire Marshals / Fire Wardens as appropriate.

Fire Safety Manager Course

Duration of this Fire Safety Course: 4 hours

This Fire Safety Manager Course is suitable for Fire Safety Managers. Fire Safety Managers must have in date Fire Awareness and Fire Marshal / Fire Warden Courses  prior to undertaking the Fire Manager  Course.

Fire Watch Course

Duration of this Fire Safety Course: 2 hours.

The Fire Watch Course  is more specialised tahne the Fire Awareness Course and geared towards industry and includes information on undertaking Fire Watch activities including those which would typically apply to Hot Work.

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Fire Safety Course