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Fire Safety Surveys are carried out to identify key fire safety issues, and where possible to suggest improvements for the safety of employees and for the building itself.

We provide fire surveys for small, medium and large businesses and organisations on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland.

Fire surveys increase fire safety and awareness among staff members. Usually, these surveys are conducted standalone but can become more of a regular schedule and become an integral element of an existing fire safety programme dependant on the building class.

A Fire Survey is similar to a Fire Audit however, the main difference is that whilst a Fire Audit will generally look at an overall premises or site, the Fire Survey will normally focus on one particular area of concern.

A Fire Survey therefore can be an effective solution where there is one particular issue or area of concern.

Our team of Fire Safety Consultants would be delighted to assist as required.

Please contact us today so we can provide a quote for your Fire Survey requirements or indeed answer any other queries you may have.

Fire Survey