Fire Watch Awareness Training Course

Fire Watch Awareness Training Course Ireland

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This Fire Watch Awarness Course / Fire Watch Awareness Training is designed to give the employees of your company an introduction to the concept of fire watch in the workplace. Over ninety percent of fires in Irish workplaces are attributed to human error, fire needs just three elements to exist: oxygen, heat and fuel – elements that are common in most places of work. This course would be of particular interest to all new recruits as well a refresher tool for those longer serving employees.

This course covers the principle of fire watch and the hot work permit system.

It can be delivered with the fire awareness course in tandem or as a standalone fire watch training module.

A fire watch is a standalone role with sole focus on preventing fire during hot works and also for a cooling period post hot works.

The persons responsible for fire watch duties must be fire ready at all times and be prepared to sound the alarm if they cannot contain the fire with their equipment.

There may be a requirement for several persons undertaking fire watch duties at any one time as all exposed areas will require fire watch cover and this include various locations throughout a building or site.

We provide fire watch awareness courses for small, medium and large businesses and organisations on a nationwide basis throughout Ireland.

The course is run by our highly experienced team of Fire Safety Consultants and Trainers/

Up to 12 employees can attend each Fire Watch Awareness Course.

Each person who successfully completes this course will receive a Fire Watch Awareness Training Certificate.

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Fire Watch Awareness Training Course