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Fire Safety Services

We at Fire – provide a range of fire safety consultancy and fire training course services to suit your individual requirements in Dublin and also nationwide throughout Ireland. We also offer other services including e-learning / online fire training courses and have online courses available for Fire Warden and Fire Awareness.

We at Fire – have been active since 2005 providing expert advice on fire related matters and have assisted several hundred clients over that period.

We also have a partner expert of fire safety experts so if we cannot help you, we will try and put you in touch with someone who can.

Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Our range of Fire Safety Consultancy services are vast ranging from:

  • Fire Consultant Services
  • Fire Engineer Services
  • Fire Audit
  • Fire Survey
  • Fire Inspection
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Drill
  • Fire / Emergency Procedures

Our Fire Audit and Fire Risk Assessment Services are particularly popular.

A Fire Audit will generally focus on areas of non compliance and corrective actions required to become compliant. It is a no nonsense practical report which can help the end user to remedy defects clearly .

A Fire Risk Assessment will cover both areas of compliance and areas of non compliance and will present both positive and negative observations where appropriate.

We also conduct Fire Inspections and Fire Surveys. These type of services are particularly useful when the client just had a specific fire safety query normally pertaining to one or two queries and these are addressed in that scope as opposed to a full Fire Audit or Fire Risk Assessment which may not be appropriate.

Fire Evacuation Floor Plans are particularly useful in medium to larger buildings and / or domestic buildings and outline means of escape and location of fire emergency equipment.

We offer a Fire Drill Consultancy service where upon request from the client we will attend a fire drill. We observe all aspects of the drill and submit a report with observations and areas for consideration with a view to improving the evacuation process.

Fire / Emergency Procedures should always be practical and realistic pertaining to the premises which they apply. We can develop a set of site specific fire and emergency procedures which fit in with your premises needs.

Fire Safety Certificates and Disability Access Certificates are both required for new buildings and / or when a change of use within an existing building occurs. We have a partner network of Consultants who have the specialist expertise in this sector to assist.

Our Fire Consultancy service is undertaken by our competent and experienced team of Fire Safety Consultants and Fire Safety Engineers.

See full service list for fire consultancy and specific service details - Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Fire Safety Training Courses

Our range of Fire Safety Training Course services include:

  • Fire Awareness Training Course
  • Fire Warden Training Course
  • Fire Manager Training Course
  • Fire Drill Training Course
  • Fire Watch Awareness Training Course
  • Fire Warden Online Version
  • Fire Awareness Online Version

Our Fire Training is undertaken by our Fire Safety Consultants and Fire Safety Engineers, as well as our other Fire Safety Experts who are competent and certified to undertake such training.

Our Fire Warden Training and Fire Awareness Training Courses are particularly popular.

Fire Warden Training is specifically for staff who will act as Fire Wardens effectively assisting persons in evacuation circumstances. Fire Wardens can also have pro active fire safety duties in terms of helping to maintain levels of fire safety in the premises.

Fire Awareness Training is more general fire training and applicable to most staff. This would focus on how fires start and measures that can be taken to tackle a fire including the operation of fire extinguishers.

Fire Manager Training is effective entry level training for in house managers with responsibility for Fire Safety.

Fire Managers should have up to date Fire Awareness and Fire Warden Training before undertaking this course.

In relation to Fire Drill Training, we have found some clients would actually like us to attend, observe and provide further practical training to staff during fire drills.

Fire Watch Training is specific training for those staff who will undertake a Fire Watch in the workplace. This would typically apply during hot work and associated scenarios where a fire watch is required as an additional safety mechanism to prevent the outbreak of fire.

As part of our ADSC Global division we have online fire training available both for Fire Awareness and Fire Warden. Those who wish to become Fire Wardens must complete the Fire Awareness course first.

See full service list for fire training and specific service details of Fire Safety Training Course

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